Minmo made her way to the farthest place she could make, arriving in Ishgard only 2 months before the 5th Umbral Calamity. The aftermath worked in her favor; the closing of the gates asured she'd be safe inside, and no one looked twice at another body in the Brume keeping cloaked up and out of sight. And that would have been it, had Stephanivien not took a liking to her willingness to work and put up with his friends anticts. She stayed hardened and quiet, but was now warmer and safer than she'd been in years.

But dark things would continue to follow her, and picking up a strange colored rock next to a rotting corpse proved to be both damnation and liberation. She stuggles to control the rge within her, then struggles to accept herself as she is, but harnesses the powers of the Dark Knight gives her what she needs to begin really healing.
There's a whirlwind of gossip about so called Warriors of Light, but she pays it no mind in favor of the
Her work as a Scion takes her to the Bozjan battle front.
Endwalker Minmo enlists her help as both a Scion and a Blade, fighting in the fridged Garlean territory to prevent Fandanel. finds Minmo wandering again, though this time with purpose and her head held high. Traveling with Sig.