Name: Davaah O'ronir

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 30+

Class: LNC/DRG

Occupation: Adder

Birthplace: Azeme Steppe

Born to
Now incharge of both his and his sister's safety, Davaah threw himself into any odd jobs he could get his young hands on. He met Gridania's pity with difiance, and was able to keep a roof over their heads and bellies from starvation. And he would have continued without any help, had he not been tricked by Mother into meeting Zona. The Roe took a liking to them both, and before either of them knew it their small family gained a "Zona" to care and look after them both. They taught Davaah all they knew about adventuring and the lands they traveled. With Zona's support they trained in the lancer's guild, and eventually became a wood wailer.
When the Calamity struck, Davaah showed his bravery and intergrity to the people of Gridania, and when the Twin Adders were formed he found a place among it's ranks, eventually rising to HIGHEST RANK. While his sister was prepairing to undergo events that would have her become a Warrior of Light, Davaah was braving the bitter colds of Corthes at the beheast of GUILD LEADER and Twin Adder both. He came face to face multiple times with the finatic Estinien WORM, and in doing so unlocked the powers of Ishgardian's fabled Dragoons. News of his sister's travels and constant brushes with danger left their relationship momentarily soured, and he poored his frustraitions into work wuth the Wood Wailers at disbanning a group of poachers. He corners a low ranking memeber, Tyne, and after the Miquote saves his life and the lives of his squadren, Davaah speaks to his character at his trial