It's almost like they were destined to find each other. Val is everything Beck isn't; confident, powerful,

Former swellsword with sorted past, Zona As of Endwalker he is officially retired (for real this time) and spend his days relaxing at the Quicksand.

Loving older brother to Beck, he spent his entire life working hard to make sure the two of them were never separated. His good work in the wood wailers paved the way dkja and during the 7th calamity he showed tremendous valor and SMARTS; awarding him the title Captain in the newly formed Twin Adders. Eventually he leaves the Adders to join the Scions, and once they're disbanded he follows his husband Tyne Monroe and his work in the Ironworks.

Other OCs


  • Papa:While she never got the chance to know him better, Beck was always hearten with his quick whit and such

  • Alphinaud:At at first the two were at odds; both coming from seprate backgrounds and very much children. They both ending growing together and now they are like siblings. Beck's so proud of how fare he's come and can't wait to see how he takes on the world.

  • Alisie:She's a firecraker to be sure, at times too much for her, but Beck sees how hard she's trying to prove her self and hopes that she trusts her enough to help shelter the burdens.

  • Thancred:While he may be the Scion Beck's the least close to, his willingness to trust her from the start and treat her as an adult is something she treasures.

  • Urianger:Despite not understanding him much.....