Beck was born near the Northern Shroud to parents escaping the rise of Garlean Empire in Othard. A seige of Ishgardian soilders robbed her and her brother Davaah of their parents, and after being found by wood wailers and spendng a few months as orphans under Mother Miounne's care, they're adopted by adventurer Eorizona Greentea. They make sure that the two of them are happy and healthy, and both grow into fine young adults. Davaah gets a job with the wood wailers and Beck settles in the botanist guild.

In helping the Conjuring Guild with potions and salves, E-Sumi-Yan senses from the elementals that there's untapped potential within her and has her take the . Her control is shaky, but they go forward with training.

Durring the 7th calamity

Beck, never once believing that she'd have a life outside of her quiet Gridania, much less that of an adventurer, finds her self whisked into adventuring after following a mysterious voice into the Shroud and helping 2 Scions, Yda and Papalymo. She learns from them that she posses "the Echo" and after meeting with Minfilia, who urges her to use her gift for the greater good, she joins with Valentyne Cadburry in stopping the primals and Lahabrea.

Despite outrage from her brother and her own self doubts, she feels like she's on the right path, until the death of Nanamo and her following exhile finds her alone for the first time in her life.

Abruptly and suddenly banished from her home and unable to see her family, Beck begins her time in Isgard alone and isolated in such a cold and unwelcoming country. Haurchefant tries his best to be as hosibitible as possible,

Her time in Ishgard is filled with uncertainty, self-doubt, and her first heartbreak. Beck spends most of Heavensward believing that she made a terrible mistake in joining the Scions and simply dragging Valentyne down. In the middle of a centuries long war she finds herself falling for Ysayle, but her death and the death of Haurchefant steals away any confidence she might have.

Thanks to her friendship with Alfinaud and Valentyne she perseveres, and at the end of the Dragonsong War her spirits are lifted once again.

She reconnects with her mother's family and proves herself in the tournament and is named khagan. The Liberation of Ala Mhigo also brings to light the budding relationship between her and Aymeric, where the excitement and high emotions bring forth an accidental confession from the both of them.

As the others prepare to infiltrate the Empire, Beck stays behind. It's there that she comes face to face with Zenos. She's barely about to fend off his attacks until Valentyne arrives, and the battle leaves her with a deep cut.

Her arival at the Azim Steppe are a whorlwind of emotions. She reunites with her maternal family and learns more about both her parents.


Just as she'd regaining her footing, she's spirited away to a disjointed place that she can't escape from. The month before Val finds her way to the first is spent in a dream like stupor, watched over by Uringer and Feo Ul.

Her time with the achingly familiar Emet-Selch leaves her with a heartache that she can't explain away. And when she strikes the final blow against Elidibus the sobs that rack through her body both terrify and comfort her.

She returns to the Source with the knowledge that she's always be a part of something greater than she knew, and turn towards the future determind


The beginning of the end, Beck throws herself into the danger in order to save all that she loves. Her and Val violently rebel against the idea of leaving the star, and refuse to even consider the plan.

The two of them learn about

With the saving of Eorzea Beck is proposed to,