Full Name: Beck O'ronir

Age: ARR:20, HW:22 STB:23 SDB:23 ENW:24

Pronouns: She/Her

Main Job: WHM, also trained in RDM

Name Day: 11th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon (January 11th)

Birthplace: North Shroud, Gridania

Height: 4'11'' (149.86cm)


Beck's nature is soft and easy. Growing up in the quiet, sheltered Gridania caused her to become welcoming and trusting of most all she meets, even if they don't deserve it.

Surrounded by physically strong and LOUD people had Beck doubtful of her own abilities as a healer, adventurer, and even the Warrior of Light. She was

Her time as the Warrior of Light have allowed Beck to grow into a more confident woman. No longer a shrinking violent, her subdued nature speaks of her desire to listen and reflect before acting, rather than to shy away behind her more outgoing companions.

Bonus Facts

Skilled at mending and sewing her own clothes



Talents: Supurb aether control. Illusionary Magic. "Intuition"

Bright and headstrong, Pasithea saw herself one day taking a seat on the convocation. Her drive landed her working directly under Hades, the seat of Emet-Selch, and she was quickly taken under his wing as his protogie and into his inner circle.

A work place accident robbed of her of almost all of her aether control, and despite clawing her way back to regain her prowess; it sealed her fate in the Final Days as a sacrifice to Zodiark.

Though, the shards of herself suggest that something prevented such fate....


A cocky and talented Black Mage, Aradia worked hard to insert herself into whatever role promised power.

No matter where she found herself, Ardbert and his companions where never too far off. She reluctantly offered her help whenever the team was desperate, and in turn was offer help.

Betrayal from Cira and Elidibus proved to be her downfall, but instead of being granted the release of death, she became trapped in a ghost like state with only Ardbert for company. Eventually her reflection from the Source finds her and helps undo wrongs that took place.

Joining with Beck's soul unlocks the understanding of black magics, and with that her talent as a Red Mage is solidified.